A Passionate God

Too many Christians, I’m afraid, have the disaffected God of the Greek philosophers in mind when they pray or when they plan their day. The Greek versions of God are all about power—about having control over everything—rather than about his forming and sustaining relationships with a treasured creation. The full post has been published in the …

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Reading God

Everyone has a read on God of one sort or another. The question of how we read God also has an applied element. Our view of God shapes the way we live; and, obversely, the way we live exposes our actual reading of God no matter what we say we believe. This is a point …

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Which Community?

This week is the first in a new fortnightly cycle for Spreading Goodness posts:  I’ll offer an entry here one week and then an entry on the Cor Deo blog I share with Peter Mead on the alternate week.  I’ve already posted my entry of the week on Cor Deo.  I invite readers here to check it out.  Go to: http://www.cordeo.org.uk/finding-community/

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Love and Power

An update: I’ll be posting a separate blog every other weekend on www.cordeo.org.uk in a sharing of responsibilities with Peter Mead in our Cor Deo mentoring initiative.  His first post is already available on that site and invites a visit!  My first post there is set for next Sunday.  Now let’s turn to today’s concern. What drives us? Are …

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