Month: December 2015

In the Beginning

John twice alludes to Genesis 1:1—“In the beginning God”—to launch his own writing. In the fourth Gospel we find “In the beginning was the Word” and in 1 John 1 he starts with an almost identical reference “That which was from the beginning.” John, obviously, held this to be critical in orienting his readers to …

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A good conversation

Are you ever hungry for a good conversation? For a meal of rich ideas and strong values? If you answer yes I’m with you! And if you find yourself turning to books, crossword puzzles, or stacking pennies for lack of good dialog then you’ll catch the point of the question. But first let’s acknowledge the …

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One with distinctions

This entry is shared with the Cor Deo website – please offer any responses there. Thanks! We believe God is one. One as in “the Father-Son-and-Spirit.” Not meaning three gods working together; or one God with three faces. He is, instead, one who exists in his subsistent relations: in an eternal and immaterial communion of …

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