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God’s Expansive Love – 6 of 7

We continue in our reflections on Affective Theology by turning to God’s expansive love. God’s triune self-giving was his ground for both creation and salvation—and why the seventeenth century Puritan Richard Sibbes spoke of God’s “spreading goodness.” God’s expansive aims are evident throughout the Bible. At our creation humans were told, “Be fruitful and multiply …

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Affective Lives

“What do you mean by ‘affective theology?’ I’ve never heard of it before I met you.” This was the lead line of the Spreading Goodness entry for June 4, 2018. In that piece—and I invite readers to visit there—I explained why I adopted this uncommon phrasing. I also use the phrase “heart-based spirituality” to say the same …

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“I need you”

“I need you” are three words that link us together. But they can carry different meanings. One as a simple call for help in moving a table. Another may be more profound, as in an employer’s invitation for us to accept a job. Or, for another, a heart-to-heart marriage proposal. Context is everything.  Let’s consider, …

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