Month: February 2013

Discovering Faith

Faith is a response of trust birthed by our meeting Christ “in person.” Knowing him produces a life-changing entrustment as we recognize and receive his love. Recently we wrote of grace as a “who”—the Spirit revealing his love in our hearts. His relational grace produces a relational faith working through love, as Paul taught in …

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Living Grace

Empty grace is an odd but widespread feature of Christianity. It offers a form of Christianity based on information about Christ but it lacks any power. The faith it produces affirms many social values and laws taken from Christianity while missing Christ’s most central invitation to know him by responding to his love. Living grace, …

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A Treatise on Grace

It’s mid-morning and I’m enjoying a morning coffee at Le Petit Café in the university district of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I arrived to the background sound of Amazing Grace in English playing on their sound system. It’s remarkably apropos because of my focus here for today: Jonathan Edwards’ Treatise on Grace. I drew from it yesterday …

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