Month: July 2014


Where do we stand with God? Is he pleased with us? Are we confident about the future—sure about eternal life? Hopefully, yes, but let’s pause to think about it. And let’s ask the question in light of God as the Father, Son, and Spirit God. Justification—our engaging God’s righteousness—is a biblical linchpin for Christians. The …

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Cyclic Centuries

A month ago some news sources offered passing comments about a June, 1914, assassination in Sarajevo—a century ago—that launched the wars of the twentieth century. The first stage of warfare was called the Great War because of its breadth and ferocity. Some—the optimists of the day—called it the War to end all wars. Instead it …

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Heartfelt knowledge

This post was first published by the Cor Deo website. Please offer any responses there: thanks! Knowledge can be interesting, useful, and random. This morning I experienced random knowledge on a BBC radio program. The presentation featured an expert on the properties and uses of lithium. He helped connect two worlds for me. On the …

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