Month: May 2012


My post this week was delayed because of a leadership conference in Hungary. Among those present at the “ELF” conference were some of the brilliant and powerful leaders in European and British Christian circles today. I was impressed and sometimes very moved by what was offered. And I felt some grief as well. Let me …

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This post has first been published on our Cor Deo site. To visit the us there please click here Predestination is a topic that can end a pleasant conversation among otherwise sociable Christians in a nanosecond. I see it, put wryly, as our Enemy’s favorite antidote to Christ’s love. There are a couple of ways …

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The Divine Last Laugh

I’m struck with the lack of overt humor in the Bible, especially given how often we readers tend to treat delight and laughter as one and the same. Yet the Bible avoids linking God to laughter even though it speaks of his delight and joy. So joy, yes, but laughter, no. Irony, yes, laughter, no. …

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