Month: February 2011

A key bit of jargon

Let me offer a nice bit of theo-jargon here—“anthropopathism”—for anyone who doesn’t already know the term. I’ll then comment on it and invite any responses. An anthropopathism is the emotional and less-well-known cousin of anthropomorphism. The latter term refers to human descriptions of God that use bodily terms—as in the Father having arms or legs …

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Faith, Love, & Works

What did Paul mean when he wrote that Israel “did not pursue [righteousness] by faith, but as if it were based on works” (Romans 9:32)? In asking this I’m not trying to chime in on the long-running debate among New Testament scholars—something I haven’t tracked closely. Rather let us consider how Paul’s affective portrayal of …

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Let me return to one of my drumbeat issues: sin. Augustine’s fifth century debate with Pelagius had much to do with defining sin as moral privation (Latin “privatio”): an absence of righteousness in human conduct. Let me offer a snapshot of what Augustine was saying and then invite comments from readers. For the full post …

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