Month: August 2012


God—the Father, Son, Spirit God of the Bible—is all about relationships. He always has been and always will be. Yet too many of Christians operate as slightly modified modalists in at least one respect: we treat God as a single and ultimate power source. Sorry for the jargon! The term modalism comes from early discussions …

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This post has also been published on the Cor Deo site. To visit click here. What is real? What is unreal? And how can we know the difference? It isn’t always clear. Today, for instance, we have feature length movies with computer-generated scenes so we might not know at a given moment whether the actor …

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Knowing God

Many young Americans and Europeans today have given up on religion—they treat God as unappealing and unnecessary. Others retain a “sort of” God. For them God is a spiritual fashion accessory. Still others treat God as a “what if”: what if there really is a God, a heaven, and a hell? “Have we done enough …

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