Month: June 2013


This post repeats my current Cor Deo entry. Please offer any responses on that site: thanks! To go there click here Here’s a question for Christians: do you enjoy the adventure of following Christ? Or is your faith placid? And, if placid, would you accept something livelier? The premise of the question—that faith involves adventure—may …

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I prepared to speak on wisdom in the Bible book of James this week. In the process I reflected on how little I hear wisdom mentioned these days. People may be called clever, brilliant, silly, or more, but rarely are they called wise. I wonder why. Is it because of shifting language use? Certain words …

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How do we exist as persons? Are we free individuals? Are we limited cogs in a broad social mechanism? Are we elements of a larger organism? Or perhaps something else? Are we able to define our own place and meaning in life, or is it somehow defined for us? The Bible is happy to answer …

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