Month: December 2017


“Start making retirement investments as soon as you start earning!” This was a Law of the Medes and the Persians, inviolable and unchanging. That truth—and its corollary, that compounding interest is magical—was the stuff of high school economics in my day. With a lifetime of steady investments we would retire in style. And this was …

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Embodied Souls

We all like to speculate. Some do it more than others. And some do it more constructively than others. Think, for instance, of the pioneering physicists of the last century. Albert Einstein, for one, unpacked quantum realities with huge leaps of insight. And he was just one of a clan of pioneers who at first …

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Enjoying Home

It was thirty years ago today that my father went home. We often use the word “home” as a euphemism for dying. And that’s part of what I mean. Dad had a massive heart attack that day and was gone—all we had left was his body. The triune God had his soul. It’s the latter …

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