Month: March 2013

Creating God

Think about how our vision of God shapes the way we live. If our God is an activist he fills our lives with activities. Alternatively a token God is a backstop for difficult moments in life but he, she, they, or it—the best term for God isn’t a matter of consensus so I’ll stay with …

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What if?

This entry is also published on the Cor Deo site. Please post any comments on that site. Thanks! What if every Christian loved God above all else; and, with that, loved his neighbor as himself? Would friendships be stronger? Marriages sweeter? Families healthier? Churches more winsome and dynamic? Businesses staffed with Christian employees more productive? …

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Two Types of Leaders

This entry has also been published on my shared Cor Deo site. For any responses please go there: Cor Deo A leader with Christ’s heart differs from leaders in the world as light differs from darkness. Jesus taught as much and lived as such. Think, for instance, of how he loved all those he led. …

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