Month: September 2015

Toppling Dagon

In the Bible—1 Samuel 5—we read of Dagon, the Philistine God of Samuel’s era. For a brief time Yahweh, the God of Israel, shared a room with Dagon. And it wasn’t a happy time for Dagon’s team. Let me summarize the events. At this stage of Bible history Israel was only superficially devoted to Yahweh—“the …

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“Thank you” is a bonding phrase. When our service or kindness receives a smile and a “thanks” a satisfying relational loop is completed. The other person’s words recognize our action not as a duty but as an expression of care. But thanksgiving is not as common as it could be. I know a man, for …

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Unchanging Change

Change is constant—there’s no escaping it. And our changes in life can range from profound to unsettling—though most land somewhere in between. Nothing we experience in a given moment will ever return in exactly the same way. Our bodies grow and then decline and finally give up. Our primary relationships emerge in the heyday of …

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