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I want to get the word out on a couple of opportunities you may find useful so please forgive this ‘non-blog’ entry.

Some of you may be interested in my newly published book, Richard Sibbes – A Spreading Goodness. It’s a revision of my dissertation, a work that others have read and found useful (Rick McKinley drew on it, for instance, in his Kingdom of Desire and Mike Reeves spoke of it’s impact on him as he interviewed me for a Theologynetwork.org “Table Talk”).

Why read it? It offers an historical overview of two major themes we still face in the evangelical church today: whether to treat the gospel mainly as a call to salvation and the duties that come with it; or as God’s heartfelt call for us to enjoy his love in Christ. Sibbes was a 17th century Puritan with a remarkably clear eye for the Bible and God’s work in history.

It’s not a casual read yet it offers some transformative insights from major Christian figures like Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others. I’ve used Lulu.com to publish it—you can order it through their site if you like (look for R N Frost as the author, or for the title).

Second—and just for my readers in the USA—we’re offering a Cor Deo weeklong “Intensive” in Portland this July that will feature some robust and satisfying Bible study, some training in outreach and applied ministry, and a happy dose of Christian history.

When we—Peter Mead and myself—first offered an Intensive in Chippenham, England, we were startled by the positive and continuing response: it really encouraged & benefited those who came!

We start each day at 9 and end at 4:30 (except for half-days on Monday and Friday). We have room for 15 men & women. Our ambition is to have as many present or potential ministry leaders join us as possible, so if applications outstrip available seats we’ll need to be selective. So let me encourage you, even if you just want to grow, to apply and apply soon!

When? July 23-27, beginning at 12:30 on Monday, finishing by noon on Friday.

Where? At the Imago Dei Community in downtown Portland, 1302 SE Ankeny Street.

Cost? Cor Deo offers its ministries as a gift to participants, yet we rely on donations to make ends meet.

Sign up? Send us an email to info@cordeo.org.uk with the heading “Portland Intensive” and give us your specifics: address, phone, and very briefly, your reason for wanting to attend.


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