Month: April 2015


“Stop Superman!” The cry was a constant imperative among the criminals of my childhood world. The adventures of our favorite superhero captured my brothers and me. No one, no matter how nefarious, could spread mayhem when Superman was around. Unless, of course, the evildoers had a bit of kryptonite on hand. Kryptonite was the stuff …

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Fully Convinced

Can you recall a time when a friend or family member made a promise so weighty you had to stop and wonder? I remember one such case—when Steve offered to cover almost half the cost of my hoped-for studies in London. I had all but given up on the project when he made his promise, …

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“Quiet, please!”

This entry is shared with the Cor Deo site: please offer any comments there. Thanks! Years ago the caricature of a librarian was a matron who roamed the library shushing everyone. I hope the title for this entry won’t stir that image! Picture, instead, an auditorium in 2013 filled with the clamor of scientists awaiting …

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