Month: July 2010

Reading God

Everyone has a read on God of one sort or another. The question of how we read God also has an applied element. Our view of God shapes the way we live; and, obversely, the way we live exposes our actual reading of God no matter what we say we believe. This is a point …

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Which Community?

This week is the first in a new fortnightly cycle for Spreading Goodness posts:  I’ll offer an entry here one week and then an entry on the Cor Deo blog I share with Peter Mead on the alternate week.  I’ve already posted my entry of the week on Cor Deo.  I invite readers here to check it out.  Go to:

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Love and Power

An update: I’ll be posting a separate blog every other weekend on in a sharing of responsibilities with Peter Mead in our Cor Deo mentoring initiative.  His first post is already available on that site and invites a visit!  My first post there is set for next Sunday.  Now let’s turn to today’s concern. What drives us? Are …

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