Month: March 2014

What do you hear?

Last week I traced the enduring debate between Pelagius and Augustine and asked, “What do you think?” The question offered two possible readings. The obvious option was, “what’s your opinion?” But I also wondered where a person’s mind goes when it’s free to wander. Let me chase the second question in this entry. It’s a …

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What do you think?

This post is also found on the Cor Deo site. Please offer any responses there. Thanks! A feisty debate stirred the New England churches in 1636. The question at stake was the nature of faith—what is it that makes a Christian? In an early exchange of letters between two of the pastors, Peter Bulkeley asked …

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Do you enjoy beauty? Perhaps a dramatic sunset, or a remarkable piece of artistry? The scene at the top of my Spreading Goodness site is a sunrise on Whidbey Island, Washington, near my parent’s former home. The brilliant colors and the slow motion of a fog bank rolling in from the right captured me on …

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