God’s Posse

I call them God’s theological sheriffs—believers who are alert to any hint of heresy in others. They seem to be self-appointed, but maybe it’s their special gifting. What I’m not sure about is where their gift comes from—whether it’s from God or elsewhere. For the balance of this entry please go to http://www.cordeo.org.uk/gods-posse

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The Noble Life

Nobility and corruption are two hard hitting words. They both carry significant emotive weight. One is positive and attractive. Who among us would mind being considered a person of noble character. Or if we do something kind, to be told, “That was very noble of you.” To be called corrupt, on the other hand, is …

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God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble—James 4:6.  The context for James’ words were affective, located in God’s jealous longing for the spirit he made to dwell in us.  Humility, James was saying, is at the heart of a proper relationship with God and it opens the door to a much deeper …

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