Month: July 2011

A Vision Check

Let me raise a vision issue I’ve considered before in my Spreading Goodness site. It invites a revisit. Post-modern thought begins with a simple and seemingly obvious insight: we all view life from a unique vantage point. This claim, when applied, is called perspectivalism. We all look at everything with unique points of view. To …

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Textbooks about God

I heard recently that one of my former seminary students married a non-Christian. Despite my grimace-of-heart it’s no great surprise: such mismatches (in biblical terms) seem to be on the rise among evangelicals. And, in a separate moral commentary, premarital sexual activity by engaged believers is more and more common—and all but assumed in some …

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Conducting Life

On Saturday I was privileged to enjoy a delightful orchestra concert in Cardiff. Huw Gareth Williams was conducting the Highfields Symphony Orchestra. It was especially enjoyable because Huw (sounds like Hue) has been part of our Cor Deo fellowship for the past months so it was an investment of heart for me as a listener. …

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