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Conversion as Conversation

This post repeats one posted on our Cor Deo site: please offer any responses there. Thanks! My life-changing response to God’s love—my conversion—came through a conversation with Christ. I was a young skeptic—ready to dismiss my Sunday-School charade of faith—when a chain of unlikely events caught my attention. Was God at work? Did he actually …

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A Vision Check

Let me raise a vision issue I’ve considered before in my Spreading Goodness site. It invites a revisit. Post-modern thought begins with a simple and seemingly obvious insight: we all view life from a unique vantage point. This claim, when applied, is called perspectivalism. We all look at everything with unique points of view. To …

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Marriage and Ministry

As a lifelong single I see the marriages of my friends and family as a gift for learning more about life in Christ. Here is why. Marriage is not an end in itself but offers a picture of the ultimate marriage. Throughout the Bible God uses marriage to explain what it means to be united …

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God’s Posse

I call them God’s theological sheriffs—believers who are alert to any hint of heresy in others. They seem to be self-appointed, but maybe it’s their special gifting. What I’m not sure about is where their gift comes from—whether it’s from God or elsewhere. For the balance of this entry please go to

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Which Community?

This week is the first in a new fortnightly cycle for Spreading Goodness posts:  I’ll offer an entry here one week and then an entry on the Cor Deo blog I share with Peter Mead on the alternate week.  I’ve already posted my entry of the week on Cor Deo.  I invite readers here to check it out.  Go to:

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