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Love and Power

An update: I’ll be posting a separate blog every other weekend on in a sharing of responsibilities with Peter Mead in our Cor Deo mentoring initiative.  His first post is already available on that site and invites a visit!  My first post there is set for next Sunday.  Now let’s turn to today’s concern. What drives us? Are …

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God in Real Life

I spent two years in a locked psychiatric unit during my days at seminary. As a part-time “psych tech” in a secular hospital my role was to support the nursing staff in patient care. The real life of most of our patients was often heart-breaking: in some measure all were broken and hurting. We did …

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A Wedding

Yesterday I watched a miracle take place. It was God’s work of taking two people and making them one. The wedding was one part of the event. The consummation of the marriage, in the privacy of the honeymoon suite, will have followed. Then in the communion of life that will unfold in days and years …

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