Stability in Chaos

Jeremiah’s book is God’s spiritual and moral bristle brush: it always gives my soul a good scrub when I read it. God, as the prophet tells us, will confront sin. Chaos is coming. Why? Because national religious and political leaders all support evil: the evil of ignoring God’s words and ways. Jeremiah promises his readers that the stability they long for will be scrubbed away as a result.

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  1. Colleen Glassley

    Yes Lord, give us long range vision. It is so easy to evaluate You in the immediate situation and feel You are coming up short of our expectations of what the Almighty should do and tolerate. I too expect a coming chaos. I hear it from all sides, it seems and just hope I will have the endurance to believe You when I am feeling insecure and things are unstable. But then You have always sent your prophets to reassure Your people that You are not asleep, You are fully aware and at work. Give me ears to hear Your voice in the noise of chaos.

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