Author: R N Frost

On fear, faith, and love

Fear holds a paradoxical status in Scriptures—it is regularly treated both as a positive and a negative; as fruitful and as destructive.    Positively, wisdom is a crucial moral outcome for those who “fear the LORD”.  On one occasion in Genesis God is even personified as “fear” when Jacob twice addressed his hostile father-in-law, Laban, …

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The Wise Fool

Many in the church of Corinth were enamored with style.  And Apollos had style to spare.  He seems to have been bright, articulate and alert to the philosophical streams of his day.  In a nutshell, Apollos and his offspring are the sort of men every church wants to recruit as a speaker for their annual …

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The Glory of the Cross

Martin Luther, in his 1518 disputation at Heidelberg, compared a theology of glory with a theology of the cross.  Theologians of glory were—in a modern term—triumphalists.  They presented God as the basis for success; and in that success they impressed people with their intelligence, their erudition and their godliness.  Personal achievement and godliness were represented …

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