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When we talk about Christian salvation does a belief in the Trinity really matter? Can’t we be saved just as readily if our view of God is less complicated. So why not dismiss the three-in-one confusion that comes with the Trinity and deal, instead, with an all-powerful monadic being? After all many would argue that …

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A key bit of jargon

Let me offer a nice bit of theo-jargon here—“anthropopathism”—for anyone who doesn’t already know the term. I’ll then comment on it and invite any responses. An anthropopathism is the emotional and less-well-known cousin of anthropomorphism. The latter term refers to human descriptions of God that use bodily terms—as in the Father having arms or legs …

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In a world filled with more and more social networking on the internet we taste God’s creation design in a new way. We are made to be relational—that’s our starting point. It comes from God, who as the Triune One, exists in his eternal life of communion, with the Father and Son always exchanging a …

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