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This post has also been published on the Cor Deo site. To visit click here. What is real? What is unreal? And how can we know the difference? It isn’t always clear. Today, for instance, we have feature length movies with computer-generated scenes so we might not know at a given moment whether the actor …

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This post has first been published on our Cor Deo site. To visit the us there please click here Predestination is a topic that can end a pleasant conversation among otherwise sociable Christians in a nanosecond. I see it, put wryly, as our Enemy’s favorite antidote to Christ’s love. There are a couple of ways …

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Truly Saved

My generation of Christians love rationalistic debates. And one favorite debating point is the question of salvation: among professing believers who is truly saved? Whenever that question is raised claims and counterclaims fly: “You don’t have any right to judge us!” Or, “You’re bending the Bible to build your view!” And again, “Our faith offers …

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