Category: Faith and Reason

Getting God Right

This entry is more technical, more historical, and longer than usual: be warned and be patient, please. I also think it’s important. As my elementary teacher used to say, “Put on your thinking caps!” After recently stepping away from my years as a theology educator I’m starting to see some academic blind spots we tend to …

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Treasuring Time

I was in trouble with my high school English teacher. It was in my sophomore year—not long before I met Christ at summer camp—that she called me aside. “Where did this writing come from? You’ve plagiarized this project, haven’t you!” I was stunned. The project was a simple composition that I had taken very seriously, …

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A Corollary to Thielicke’s Axiom

Helmut Thielicke (1908-86), a German pastor and educator who remained faithful even under Hitler’s regime in WWII, wrote that the real competition in theology is not between modernists (or “liberals”) and conservatives but consists in a more basic—and unnoticed—conflict between Cartesians and non-Cartesians. As I’ll share below, I agree with him, but first let me …

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