Called to Christ’s Likeness

I read a troubling newspaper article on the internet today.  It was one of the “most read” items and it spoke of a Christian writer who recently announced her departure from the church.  The report included a summary of what disturbed her and what, for many of us, is tragically obvious:

“But judging by the behavior of most Christians, they’ve become secularists. And the sea of hypocrisy between Christian beliefs and actions is driving Americans away from the institutional church in record numbers.”

The bottom line of the article is that too many professing Christians today—despite Christ’s prayer in John 17—are both “in the world” and “of the world.”  The distinction between followers of Christ and those who don’t know Christ is blurred to the point of being lost.

The full article has been posted at the Cor Deo website:


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  1. John G. Vosnos

    Ron, the concern of the writer of the article to whom you refer is precisely what I acknowledge and address in my book, Getting into Jesus’ Life: Beginning Correctly, Finishing Well!

    I genuinely believe that the gospel that is often proclaimed today, altered to accommodate a consumer-driven culture, has led to superficial (false and empty) Christianity that has resulted in attitudes and behaviors which call into question the authenticity of the claims of Christians and of Christ.

    Thanks for raising this matter via “Spreading Goodness.”

    Grace and Peace,

    John Vosnos

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