Author: R N Frost

Why forgiveness?

The speaker enthused, “It’s great to know that no matter what we do, we’ve been forgiven!”  “Yes,” I thought, “but isn’t something missing here?”  My thoughts turned to historical antecedents: first to a hot debate of a couple of decades ago over the difference between some Christians who promoted Christ’s “lordship” versus those who favored …

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Reversing roles

Years ago I was impressed by what I read about Helmut Thielicke as he toured the United States. When he was asked by a reporter what impressions he had of the American church as a whole he responded to this effect: the church is wide and lively but it seems not to understand the benefits …

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Way to go!

At times I’ve been cheered on by others with a hearty “way to go!” The cheer celebrates a moment of progress or success. And there are other ways way is used.  In the Bible the term often serves as a moral metaphor.  Listen, for instance, to Jesus: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). …

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