Love as Syrup or as Steel?

As we speak of God’s love what comes to mind for us?  Is it a dose of sugar, syrup and all things sweet?  Or is it rough, tough and as strong as steel?

I hope the question and the comparison seems absurd!  Love, and God’s love in particular, is a relational reality that invites more profound analogies than these.

So why do I ask?  Because I’ve experienced the syrup analogy more than a few times as I’ve spoken to varied audiences of God’s love as the basis for both salvation and spiritual growth—with saving faith located in our response to God’s love.  Most of the time the critique isn’t offered to me directly nor with that exact analogy; rather it comes indirectly, through comments that float back to me.  As in: “I don’t believe we’re called to follow our emotions—real faith is much more objective than that.”  Or, “We’re called to be committed to God’s word, not to our inward impulses!”

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