Bible Read throughs

I just received a note from Linnea, a member of Warren Community Fellowship. Here is a part of what she shared.

“I also wanted to tell you that last weekend there were 17 women who went to the beach for a personal renewal retreat. You will be pleased to know that almost every woman there is now in a Bible Read Thru and all were very enthusiastic! [Such] Bible reading . . . can only bring us closer and closer into that personal relationship with our Holy God! . . . I’ve studied the Bible for most of my life, but nothing has given me more insight into who God is than the Read Thru has. I didn’t expect that when I started. I was a doubter, but willing to give it a try. Now I’m on my second time through, and I’m sure to continue them in the future.”

Early skepticism is common, especially among Christians with lots of prior exposure to the Bible What makes this approach so powerful is the unique basis for coming to the Bible: to meet with God. The meeting is left open to uncertainty and surprise, as in any other authentic relationship. No study exercises or specific duties are called for other than a simple responsiveness. Yet consider this: it involves a major risk for professed believers because it implicitly asks God to actually show up. And he loves to do that! So consider this as a challenge to any and all skeptics: try it yourself!


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