A notice

Recently I received a notice from Amazon, the owners of WordPress (my Spreading Goodness platform). They plan to drop “Feedburner” – the subscription system many use to receive my blogs – and haven’t offered a replacement. Shucks! And I don’t have my own replacement, or a website engineer who knows how to chase options for me. So apologies to any who will (or maybe have already been) cut off from that convenience. I do have (or think I have) a connection with Twitter that posts my blogs whenever they’re published, so that may be an option for anyone who wants a notification of new posts (coming about every 2-4 weeks).

All that to say I haven’t quit writing, even if you no longer get new entries. You can always just check in from time to time to see what’s new.

I hope we’ll remain connected one way or another! Thanks.



  1. Huw

    Thanks Ron, also just to mention for anyone still wanting automated notifications, there’s also the option to receive new posts via email by using the ‘subscribe’ box on the left sidebar. (I assume that’s not being discontinued!)

  2. R N Frost

    I plead system-based-ignorance! I think the “Subscribe” function here is from Feedburner … which is going away. But we’ll see. I received a question about my Twitter handle from another reader. Should have offered that with the original notice!

    I’m: Ron Frost@RFrostPDX

  3. Jason

    Actually, the Subscribe button is a WordPress subscription service that is unrelated to Feedburner. If you are signed up here you’ll still receive post notifications.

  4. R N Frost

    Thanks, Jason. And to be accurate, it’s Google that bought the old Feedburner system.

    So I’m assured that any new subscribers are ‘safe’ … but some of the many former subscribers have yet to be transferred into the new WordPress world. Jason is helping me there (thanks!).

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